Self in Action – SíA – a quick and easy self-care program to free yourself from pain and expand your mind body connections!

SíA is our new internet-based Mind Body Studies learning platform for pain management and augmenting healing skill sets, through easy to follow videos, that allows you freedom to choose your own way!

What Exactly is SíA?

  • Self in Action is your user-friendly guide to how you are assembled, so you can make the most of all of your inherent resources: so every activity you engage in becomes a natural loop of recharging physical and mental health, including recovery from illness and injury and achieving excellence.
  • It is a learning system, experienced by connecting movement with thought.
  • A collection of deceptively simple everyday movements, which highlight basic facts about how our individual systems work. 
  • Movement is directly related to neural connections and configurations in brain and body, directly affecting our thoughts, emotions and self-image, and vice versa.
  • SíA is the common thread for those practicing Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Physiotherapy, Mindfulness and Fitness Exercises!

After fifty years of sharing this work through workshops and courses, we have heard your desires for a more convenient platform to study. We created SíA as the most effective way for you to learn wherever you may be.

The SíA Instructor

Program Director, Leora Gaster, has been teaching Mind Body Studies internationally for over 40 years. With a life-long of comprehensive, diverse experiences and rigorous studies, including personal guidance of Dr. Feldenkrais and Mia Segal from infancy, studies in Human Biology at Stanford University, martial Arts in Japan, NLP from it’s founders and many more, she crystalized, simplified and distilled this skill set for you.

“My lifelong focus has been in synthesizing, coding, and working to unify the common denominators of pivotal thoughts and practices, which I was lucky enough to be given by true masters, so that I can present them to you with practical simplicity.”


SíA empowers me to understand the mind body connection and be more effective with my clients.” 
– Janet Lee, Physical Therapist

“SíA shapes the way one thinks and gives you effective tools for self-care.” – Tom Rankin, Personal Trainer

“One can get everything one needs from SíA which offers clear understanding of the essence of this work.”
– Bobbie Ueuenten, Feldenkrais Practitioner

SíA offers me an alternative way to interact with my clients   through touch; listening with my hands and offering feedback” 
– Susan Sykes, CMT, Pilates Instr.

What you can expect from SíA

  • SíA modules are broken down into easy to navigate lessons for all levels of expertise.
  • Each lesson has a series of videos wherein you will find:
    • Short movement lessons to experience the effectiveness of the work. 
    • Demonstrations on models and skeletons explaining the movement and techniques, including specific hand placement for professionals.
    • Explanations of principles that apply to this work and to life.
    • BONUS VIDEOS: Examining case studies and going more in-depth to the techniques and principles.